rbb24: When precipitation alone is no longer enough

07.06.2022 Climate change with high temperatures and little precipitation is causing the groundwater levels in Brandenburg to drop dramatically. by Andreas Heins, with contribution from Prof. Irina Engelhardt Link to the article (German only)

Expert on water shortage in Berlin: “The problem will get bigger”

01.07.2022 Water is becoming scarce in Berlin and Brandenburg and the situation is aggravating. A hydrologist explains the causes and calls for drastic countermeasures. An interview with Dr. Hagen Koch (PIK). The article was written by Niklas Liebetrau from the Berliner Zeitung (Link to the article – German only).

Interview with hydrogeologist: Lots of “water stress” in Brandenburg

from June 23rd 2023 Hydrogeologist: Lots of “water stress” in Brandenburg It rained a lot on Friday, nature is breathing a sigh of relief. Above all, a steady land rainfall is helpful, because heavy precipitation precipitation often runs off above ground, explains hydrogeologist Irina Engelhardt. In many places in Brandenburg, she observes a strong “water…