Water shortage in Brandenburg: How much water does the state have?

16.01.2022 Falling groundwater levels are an alarming sign. Little research has been done into what climate change will mean for the water supply of the Spree region in the future. Scientists are looking for answers. By Ina Matthes Märkische Onlinezeitung (moz.de) – View the article here (German only) –

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Where the water levels are dropping

02.04.2022 An extremely dry March reminds Brandenburg and Berlin of their water problem. Industrial settlements such as Tesla and the end of coal mining are likely to exacerbate the situation by Jan Heidtmann and Thomas Hummel Link to the article (German only)

Tagesspiegel: On dry land

18.05.2022 Northeast Germany has been suffering from water shortages for years. Saving measures alone will not be enough by Ralf Nestler Link to the article (German only)

MOZ: Water future calculated too favourably?

25.06.2022 How much groundwater does Brandenburg have – today and in the coming decades? The state has presented a balance sheet – but how realistic are the figures? Experts raise doubts. A contribution from Prof. Engelhardt in the article by Ina Matthes at MOZ Link to the article (German only)

rbb24: How the water shortage in Brandenburg could be stopped

23.06.2022  Water is becoming scarce in Brandenburg. What are the consequences and how can we tackle the problem? At the Antenne Stammtisch in Strausberg, most people agreed on the consequences. Opinions differed on the solutions. Prof. Engelhardt as a guest at the “Antenne Stammtisch”. Article by Franz Paul Helms on rbb24 Link to the article…