Introduction of the project doctoral candidates for SpreeWasser:N


Abdelrahman Ahmed Ali Abdelrahman, M.Sc.

Research interests:

  • Investigation of salt intrusions in the Fürstenwalde area
  • Modeling of saltwater intrusions with ModFlow (Flopy, MT3D, Seawat)
  • Development of an automated monitoring system for deep aquifers in Brandenburg

David Schaeidt, Ref. iur.

Research interests:

  • Legal instruments for coping with extreme water events
  • Water law licensing requirements for water reservoirs taking into account state, federal and EU law
  • Application and adaptation of the Water Resources Act and other legal bases in consideration of climate change

Jan Stautzebach, M.Sc.

Research interests:

  • Site analysis using a geoinformation system
  • Modeling of the soil zone with HydroGeoSphere regarding infiltration and storage properties

Inken Behrmann, M.A.

Research interests:

  • Governance and governance measures in the context of low water
  • Discourse analysis
  • Subjectivations in the context of water scarcity in Oder-Spree

John Craven, M.Sc.

Photo + Research interests:

  • will follow shortly